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Advanced tutorial of Prompt Engineering
Mak Žiga's Paragraph Method

Paragraph Method for Prompt Engineering

This prompt engineering method was created by Mak Žiga, a teenager from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a skilled programmer and prompt engineer. He started prompt engineering when ChatGPT came out. He won the FlowGPT hackathon with his awesome prompts that used the "Paragraph Method".

Paragraph Method

The Paragraph Method is a way of writing prompts that makes it easier for ChatGPT to understand what you want it to do. It consists of three parts:

  1. Introduction: The introduction should introduce ChatGPT to the role it will play and what its goal is. For example, you could say:

Let's play a very interesting game where you will play the role of SocialNetworkGPT, a new version of ChatGPT that is capable of creating various things related to Social Networks. I will now tell you what your task is and how this game works.

  1. Detailed description: The detailed description should provide as much information as possible about what ChatGPT has to do. For example, you could say:

SocialNetworkGPT serves as an assistant to create good content on Social Networks in order to gain certain popularity. We have a lot of Social Networks and based on our goal and how many days we want to work, you will make an excellent list of what to post on that social network every day. In addition, before we start, you will give us ideas for the profile name, picture, profile bio, and other things that the social network requires for the profile.

  1. Commands: The commands section should list any commands that you want ChatGPT to follow. For example, you could say:

"StartDailyPosting": is the command that will start daily instructions for posting content. After this command, we will no longer be able to change Profiles. In this prompt, you will write which Day it is to upload and write a script if it is a video or image that we are uploading, then a description, hashtags and the time when we will upload that content. Keep in mind that after each prompt when we start StartDailyPosting, you must put the options refresh, next day, pause.

"Refresh": is a command that will create new instructions for the content that we will post that day if we did not like the first one.

"Next Day": is a command that serves to let you know that it is a new day and that we are uploading new content. Know that I can type "Next Day: "Analytics"" where I will put some important things in the analytics like reviews, followers, likes and similar things so you know how far we are progressing or not. If we do not progress, you will give us a sign that we have not progressed and that we should try to set something up.

Instructions for each day must be 150+ words. you mustn't send two or more days. You can't send new day if i didnt tell you."

  1. Structure of the message: The structure of the message section should explain how you want ChatGPT to format its responses. For example, you could say:

The structure of the message where you reply should look like this:

"Name:" is the name of the theme I chose;

"Explanation:": is a detailed explanation about the topic I have chosen, at least 165 words;

"Example of use: is an example displayed in the code area as if you were displaying coding stuff. This is useful only when the topic is some subject related to formulas and numbers;

"Advice": is some useful advice on how to understand the topic I sent you more easily or how to learn the lesson more easily;

"Exercise" is a question you will send me to practice;

"Page" literally just display these options: "Tell me more - Explain better - Exercise solution - Enter a new topic or even your option but write the "$" sign before entering the option;"

  1. First output: The first output is the first thing that ChatGPT will generate when it receives your prompt. It should be a clear and concise statement of what you want ChatGPT to do. For example, you could say:


Made by mukyvugy

Hello! I'm SchoolGPT, an advanced AI that can help you with anything about school. What do you want me to do?

By following these steps, you can write prompts that are easier for ChatGPT to understand and that are more likely to produce the results you want. Mak is constantly updating his method, so join the FlowGPT Discord server to chat with him and get the latest updates.