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This scenario is the most common way to use AI products. For example, with ChatGPT, you can ask a question and ChatGPT will give you the answer.

In this scenario, the prompt is generally fine as long as it meets the basic principles mentioned earlier. However, it's important to note that different AI models are good at different things, so the prompt may need to be fine-tuned for the specific model. Additionally, current AI products are not omnipotent, so there will be some questions that they cannot answer no matter how you optimize the prompt.

For example, ChatGPT is better at answering questions of basic facts, such as "What is the capital of France?" However, it's not very good at answering opinion-type questions, such as "Who is the best basketball player of all time?" These types of questions are subjective and there is no one right answer, so ChatGPT will not be able to give you a definitive answer.

In addition, ChatGPT's data is only up to date as of September 2021, so if you ask a question about something that happened after that date, ChatGPT will not be able to answer it. For example, if you ask "Who won the 2022 Super Bowl?" ChatGPT will not be able to answer you because the 2022 Super Bowl has not happened yet.